A safe space for
your dog to run,
play and cool off

Alfie’s field is 22 acres with a brook, in a private field with no public access.  

Alfie's Gift

This was my favourite place to play, so I’m leaving some toys for my furiends to play with. I hope you all like them. 

Please return them so other furiends can use them too.

22 acres of open field to play!

A perfect safe environment for your four legged friends to explore, play & paddle. The field is gated and locked, there is enough parking for four small cars. 

Appointments are made so you don’t bump into the person before or after you.

Why Alfie's Field

Managed Land

Open 8am-6.30pm

Secure Gate

Parking On Site

Online Booking

22 Acres & Brook

Book with us!

Online Booking


Each bookable slot is for the duration of 1 hour


Brookhill Farm, Worcester, WR5 2NU

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Colin & Shelly Wright
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We absolutely love Alfie’s field. So much space and such a lovely place to potter around. Honey loves the brook and enjoys being able to run completely free, I enjoy not constantly looking out for other dogs/owners, being ready to call Honey back any moment to get back on lead. Always such an enjoyable hour spent, plus there are always fabulous treats and toys dotted around for the dogs. Love it!! Thank you xx
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What a lovely place Alfie's field is. They LOVED dipping in and out of the stream, especially enjoyed the tennis ball treasure hunt - found six but lost three. Tempted to just sit on the bench tomorrow and leave them to it. Thank you!
Whistles & Walks
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We love it here! We have a couple of Houdini puppies that we can't trust off a lead. At least at Alfie's, they can enjoy the roomies! Thank you Shelly, for all your hard work keep the field air tight.
Rhi Claire
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The best secure field ever! My dog Dixie loves it so much and it's fast becoming her favourite place. Being able to drive straight in makes the biggest difference. There is no faffing around with gates with an overexcited pup trying to make a break for it! The first time we went I couldn't believe the size of the fields! We can't wait to make trips to the field a more regular part of our routine.
Karen Bastock
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Wonderful space for our dogs to charge around & enjoy their surroundings. Running in & out the brook then chasing each other round the huge fields & maybe grabbing a 10 second breather under the gazebo.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most general enquiries and questions, you will find the answer in these FAQs.

For any query beyond this list, please contact us.

Yes! Bookings are spaced 10 minutes apart to ensure booked groups don’t cross each other.

Yes! Each slot is for the duration of 1 hour and you can book as many future visits as you like.

Each session lasts 1 hour.

The field is gated and locked with a keypad lock. There’s enough parking for 4 small cars.

We are closed the following days:

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
New Years Eve
New Years Day

We restrict access to dogs in the field during their breeding season to ensure the safety and well-being of other dogs and any wildlife present.

Yes. All dog poo must be picked up, please. PLEASE NOTE that this bin is for dog poo only. Please take any rubbish home with you.

Please stay in your car and to the left of the gate until the cars have driven away. When you have safely parked inside and before letting your dogs out, please make sure that you close the gate.